October 7, 2014 at Café Iberico

Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee Speaker Series


Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee (CL PAC) brings you a monthly speaker series highlighting key individuals in the world of politics and business. The invited guests have made sustained contributions in their respective fields.


On behalf of the Board of Directors of CL PAC, the inaugural guests of CL PAC's Speaker Series are Cook County Board of Commissioners John Fritchey and Jeffrey Tobolski. The event includes networking with our guests and brief remarks.




June 30, 2011

A few pictures from our march in the 2011 Chicago Gay Pride Parade






November 1, 2010
Peraica Arrested For Allegedly Vandalizing Opponent’s Signs



CHICAGO (CBS) – Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica was arrested Saturday night on misdemeanor vandalism charges in west suburban McCook. Just two days before the election, Peraica is posing for a mugshot, and his opponent is accusing him of dirty politicking. Peraica was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property after police said he went on a vandalism spree in two western towns, using a hook device to tear down campaign signs of his opponent, Jeffrey Tobolski, the mayor of McCook. Tobolski is Peraica’s Democratic opponent in the race for Cook County Board, 16th District... READ MORE



October 31, 2010
Tobolski Statement on Tony Peraica’s Arrest


MCCOOK--Tony Peraica was arrested last night for destruction of private property and trespassing. After being pulled over in Stickney for tearing down opponent Jeff Tobolski’s campaign signs a call went out to local police for suspicious behavior of a white chevy mini van. McCook police caught Tony Peraica red handed on an elderly woman’s private property with a broken Jeff Tobolski campaign sign... READ MORE



October 27, 2010 - The Mark News Online
Tobolski shows his candidacy is a viable option to (Dist.16) Cook County Commissioner seat


A standing room only crowd filled the chambers to listen to the platforms of the 6 candidates that attended. The evening’s deepest round of applauds went out to Jeffrey Tobolski, candidate for Cook County Commissioner-16th District. Tobolski, a very energetic candidate, is campaigning on ethical accountability, working to roll back the sales tax increase and strengthening relationships with local businesses in the District... READ MORE



October 23, 2010


Footage from Yesterday's Endorsement Press Conference that included Alderman Preckwinkle, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, State Senator Don Harmon, State Representative Lisa Hernandez, Franklin Park Mayor Barrett Pedersen, North Riverside Mayor Ken Krochmal, Willow Springs Mayor Alan Nowalczyk, and Bridgeview Mayor Steve Landek.


Ald. Toni Preckwinkle (4th Ward), the party's nominee for county board president, and several other pols criticized Peraica's style yesterday, calling him an "obstructionist" and even a "hater and problem creator." Watch:






October 21, 2010
Preckwinkle and Other Elected Officials Endorse Tobolski


CHICAGO, IL- Citing Tony Peraica’s complete inattention to municipal needs, partisan sniping, media grandstanding, and numerous anti-business votes, a large group of state and local officials headed by Alderman Toni Preckwinkle endorsed Jeff Tobolski for Cook County Board Commissioner today. “Jeff Tobolski is clearly the best choice to represent the 16th District,” said Preckwinkle. “With the economic hardships we are facing at every level of government, we need someone who will put the people of Cook County ahead politics, and build the coalitions necessary to meet these challenges... READ MORE



October 19, 2010 - Daily Herald
Cook Co. Board swats aside Peraica "reforms" as ‘political ploy’


Peraica’s Democratic opponent in the 16th District, McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski, issued a statement saying: “I find it highly disingenuous that Commissioner Peraica is proposing an ethics ordinance banning elected officials from lobbying the county two weeks before the election all while he blatantly lobbies the county Zoning Board on behalf of his law clients... READ MORE



October 19, 2010
County Roads in Decrepit Shape



I had the chance to visit with Mayor Alan Nowalczyk in Willow Springs and examine Nolton Rd and 87th Street. Out of Cook County’s $393 million Highway budget the taxpayers of the 16th District contribute roughly $60 million through the motor fuel tax. Commissioner Peraica has only been able to secure $4.3 million for the next five years to fix our County roads. That is not nearly enough.


Mayor Nowalczyk explained to me that children in Willlow Springs travel these decrepit streets to get to school and that he has been asking Tony Peraica to repair these County Roads for over 4 years now. He has been completely unresponsive.


There are only two roads scheduled to be repaired out of the 24 cities that make up the 16th District. We are not even getting back ten percent of the $60 million that we pay into the motor fuel fund. The current Highway Budget runs through 2016 and it does not look like there is any money coming back to our taxpayers. I will make it my immediate concern to locate money to repair the county roads in Willow Springs and work with our mayors to fix these streets.





October 12, 2010
Congressman Quigley, Sierra Club Endorse Jeff Tobolski


La Grange, IL – As the November 2nd election quickly approaches Jeff Tobolski has earned two large endorsements that represent reform and good government. Congressman Mike Quigley endorsed the campaign today. Quigley, who served on the Cook County Board of Commissioners with Tobolski’s opponent, Tony Peraica, said that “Jeff Tobolski has a proven track record of success in creating jobs in McCook where he is Mayor, and will be a tireless watchdog on tax and fee increases on the Cook County Board... READ MORE



October 5, 2010
Tobolski Statement on Arrest of Stroger’s Deputy Chief of Staff


La Grange, IL –“Last night’s arrest of Carla Ogelsby, Todd Stroger’s Deputy Chief of Staff, for her involvement in County contracts proves yet again that we need a genuine change from the current makeup of the Stroger-Peraica County Board. Tony Peraica has been there for eight long years and has stood by while taxpayers have been robbed blind, voting for 23 tax and fee increases... READ MORE



September 17, 2010
Tobolski Blasts Peraica for Attending Stroger Flood Party While Victims Are Hung Out to Dry


La Grange, IL –While victims of the recent flooding are desperately scrambling to save their homes Tony Peraica was busy rubbing elbows at a party at Brookfield Zoo hosted by Todd Stroger and the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Even more alarming is that the County used federal flood disaster money to pay for the party. Last night ABC 7 ran an investigative report exposing the gross abuse of funds while flood victims around the 16th District are still frantically searching for funding to help recoup their losses... READ MORE



September 17, 2010
Peraica Attends Stroger Flood Party While Victims Are Hung Out to Dry


While victims of the recent flooding are desperately scrambling to save their homes Tony Peraica was busy rubbing elbows at a party at Brookfield Zoo hosted by Todd Stroger and the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Even more alarming is that the County used federal flood disaster money to pay for the party.


Last night ABC 7 ran an investigative report exposing the gross abuse of funds while flood victims around the 16th District are still frantically searching for funding to help recoup their losses.




Instead of using federal disaster money to help victims of the flood Tony Peraica and Todd Stroger decided to throw a party with the money? I can’t decide if these politicians are really that stupid or if they just don’t care about the people they represent. People in Westchester are still waiting for their flood assistance. This is downright offensive.




This isn’t the first time that Peraica has been criticized over the flooding. At a special County Board meeting Peraica stated that the best solution to the flooding was for the County to purchase rain barrels to put outside suburban homes.



September 8, 2010
Tax Accountability, Political Arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois, Endorses Jeff Tobolski for Cook County Commissioner


Amidst Cook County’s double digit unemployment rate and staggeringly high sales tax, Tax Accountability, the political arm of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, has endorsed Jeff Tobolski over Tony Peraica in the race for Cook County Commissioner.


“In recognition of his exceptional desire to fight taxes and support economic growth, Tax Accountability endorses Jeff Tobolski for the November 2nd election,” said Jim Tobin, President of Tax Accountability, in a letter sent to the campaign.


“I’m proud to have received Tax Accountability’s endorsement. National Taxpayers United of Illinois is the largest taxpayer protection organization in the state and fights tirelessly to provide working families and businesses tax relief to foster economic growth. My opponent in the race, Tony Peraica has voted with Todd Stroger for over 14 different tax and fee increases. These are the same taxes and fees that are crippling small businesses, and causing them to flee Cook County. I stand by my pledge to oppose any and all tax increases,” said Tobolski.


Read the whole story here



August 31, 2010
Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) Opening in 3 Locations


Today the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Agency (FEMA) informed the Cook County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (DHSEM) that three (3) Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) will be opened starting tomorrow Saturday, August 28, 2010 in Chicago and Cook County to assist the residents who wish to fill out an application for the flood damages that occurred on July 23 and 24, 2010.


  • The Town of Cicero at the Cicero Public Safety Center located at 5410 West 34th street, Cicero Illinois 60854


  • The Village of Westchester at the Old St. Joseph High School located at 1840 South Mayfair Avenue, Westchester, Illinois 60154


  • The City of Chicago at 4905 West North Avenue 60639


FEMA is working very hard to assist the residents in Cook County who were affected by floods. This is another easy way for residents to apply for FEMA relief. Again you may go online and complete the FEMA forms at www.DisasterAssistance.gov or by calling FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362), (TTY) 1-800-462-7585 seven days a week, the hours of operation will be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CDT help in other languages is also available.



August 27, 2010
Peraica Politicizes Flood through Failed County Board Meeting


While victims of the recent flooding are desperately scrambling to save their homes, Tony Peraica is busy trying to make political hay out of the disaster.


A month after the flooding Peraica called a special meeting of the County Board of Commissioners to discuss the flooding. Peraica arrived nearly a half hour late to his own meeting, missing the roll call and failing to obtain a quorum to call the meeting to order. What transpired was more grandstanding and meaningless talk from Peraica.


“He should have been working to find long term solutions to this problem, such as building more retention ponds in our district. I’ve been privately meeting with many of the local officials and this is what they have requested. Instead he has continually grandstanded while working behind the scenes with Todd Stroger to raise our taxes and fees over 14 times. People out here don’t need a politician, they need a problem solver,” said Tobolski.  


To read the whole press release click here


If you still need to apply for assistance from FEMA please see the following forms below or go to www.disasterassistance.gov  



August 18, 2010
Peraica Breaks Election Law and then Lies to Sun-Times about it



It's the day after the Blagojevich trial and Tony Peraica is in the Sun-Times for violating of the Campaign Disclosure Act:

According to a report by hearing officer Mark D. Greben, obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times: "This is a major discrepancy that requires further explanation on behalf of the [Thompson campaign]. However, this very act amounts to violations of the Campaign Disclosure Act."


This is the same violation that he has blasted other politicians for on FoxNews time and time again. Peraica goes on to lie about the contributions, even though the State Board of Elections had to subpoena Peracia's handwritten checks because he purposely didn't report them:

Peraica says there's a good reason: "I don't recall any checks in that amount to their campaign in 2009 -- not even in 2010."


Like Blagojevich, Peraica campaigns on reform by day, and then breaks the laws by night.The people of the 16th District and Cook County deserve better. It's time to turn the page, and clean up the County Board. Read the entire article here:





August 16, 2010
More Hypocrisy from Phony Tony


On Saturday Tony Peraica spoke at a tea party rally in Bartlett blasting politicians for "raising taxes through the roof." What our Commissioner failed to mention is that he has voted for over 14 different fee and tax increases while in office over the last eight years, directly impacting working families and small businesses in Cook County. These include:


  • Voting to raise $5.6 million per year in environmental fees, most of which are paid for by small, family businesses in Cook County


  • Co-sponsoring a resolution to implement fee-based parking in Cook County parking lots


  • Voting to raise zoning fees by 25% to 50 % - Voting (twice) to raise fees for birth, marriage, and death records Send a message to Tony Peraica that he is part of the problem and not part of the solution at the County Board.






Welcome Message


As a lifelong resident of the 16th District, I am proud to say that I am from Cook County. It is my deepest belief that our residents deserve better representation on the County Board, and that we are in dire need of a change. In my time as Mayor of McCook, I have made it a priority to create more jobs, broaden educational and career opportunities for our citizens, expand personnel in the Police, Fire, and Public Works Department, and decrease our Village's previous deficit- all without raising taxes. As your next Cook County Commissioner, I plan on restoring ethical accountability to the Board, rolling back the sales tax increase, decreasing waste, and working tirelessly to strengthen relationships with local businesses in order secure a better life for the people of the 16th District.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have, or if wish to volunteer with the campaign.



Jeffrey R. Tobolski

Mayor of McCook

Candidate for Cook County Commissioner of the 16th District



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