I believe that the single most important issue of this election is job creation. In a time when unemployment rates continue to climb, it is imperative that our local governmental leaders do everything in their power to turn things around. As the Mayor of McCook I have helped to create thousands of new jobs, and as your next Cook County Commissioner I plan on doing the same by:


  • Forging relationships between local governments and businesses to create a more business friendly environment. 
  • Providing tax incentives to attract more companies to move to the 16th District.
  • Supporting job training programs to prepare our residents for new opportunities in the modern day workforce.




As a Mayor, I understand the burden that excessive taxes can have on families and businesses. In McCook I have found creative ways to add personnel to the Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments without raising any taxes. While on the County Board, I will work to:


  • Roll back the Cook County Sales tax increase that is currently the highest in the nation. 
  • Work with the Assessor's office to bring out of control property taxes in line with current assessments. 




People are fed up with the scandals and corruption in Illinois. I believe that it is time to turn the page on the politics of the past. As Commissioner, I will:


  • Work to enact meaningful ethics laws on the County Board. 
  • End the partisan bickering that has plagued our local government, and get to work on real solutions for the people of our communities.
  • Use the office to serve our constituents instead of grandstanding, or furthering his own political ambitions.




Education is the gateway to a child's future success. I believe that all children should have an equal opportunity to a quality education, regardless of their family's economic situation. I grew up in McCook, and went to school in Westchester. I will use my firsthand knowledge of the local school system, and fight to improve our schools by:


  • Working with local groups like UNO to alleviate overcrowding. 
  • Fostering relationships with community teachers, school boards, PTAs, and administrators to achieve the best results for our kids.  
  • Helping nurture programs like “Grow Your Own Teachers,” which prepares highly skilled educators to teach in hard-to-staff schools.




The environment is one of the most precious resources that we have, and we need to ensure that we protect it for future generations.  While on the County Board I will:


  • Stop the leasing of Cook County Forest Preserve lands.. 
  • Work to protect indigenous wildlife and community parks.   
  • Support green initiatives, and the retro-fitting of public buildings to bring them into the twenty-first century.