October 7, 2014 at Café Iberico

Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee Speaker Series


Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee (CL PAC) brings you a monthly speaker series highlighting key individuals in the world of politics and business. The invited guests have made sustained contributions in their respective fields.


On behalf of the Board of Directors of CL PAC, the inaugural guests of CL PAC's Speaker Series are Cook County Board of Commissioners John Fritchey and Jeffrey Tobolski. The event includes networking with our guests and brief remarks.



January 10, 2014 - Chicago Federation of Labor
Jeff receives Chicago Federation of Labor Endorsement


After a thorough vetting process, representatives to the CFL's Committee on Political Education voted to endorse candidates for Cook County Board, Cook County Clerk and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, as well as Appellate, Circuit and Subcircuit Court vacancies in Cook County. All of the candidates endorsed by the CFL understand the issues facing working families and have a proven record of standing up for the rights of the middle class... Click here to see the full list



January 6, 2014 - Sun Times
News on the 2014 Election


The 2014 election season is taking shape following Monday’s filing deadline for county, state and congressional offices. The following is a list of candidates for the March Republican and Democratic primaries, which will set the stage for November 2014. Petition challenges may change the make-up of these races... READ MORE



January 6, 2014 - Hinsdale and Claredon Hills
Jeff urges Washington to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform


The weather outside may be frightful, but the holiday season has been delightful for nearly 1300 children and adults with disabilities – all due to the generosity of hundreds of friends of UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago. Through a variety of special appeals and activities, individuals, businesses, public officials, UCP Seguin board members and staff shared their treasure and time to bring gifts and holiday enjoyment to people with disabilities across the Chicagoland area... READ MORE



October 25, 2013 - Alton Daily News
Jeff urges Washington to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Twenty-one mayors from around the state are asking Illinois’ congressmen to push for comprehensive immigration reform. In a letter to the state’s 18 U.S. representatives, the mayors said immigration reform is a remedy for the state’s economic struggles that will increase tax revenues and drive down the state’s unemployment rate, though it doesn’t name any particular bill... READ MORE



October 22, 2013 - Unity Lutheran Church of Berwyn
Commissioner Tobolski helps sponsor bus for March on Springfield for Marriage Equality


The "March on Springfield" is part of a broad grassroots strategy to secure final passage of Illinois Senate Bill 10, the "Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act" already approved by the Illinois Senate and with Governor Pat Quinn's support. Once adopted, Illinois will become the 14th state, plus the District of Columbia, to treat all of its citizens equally under state marriage laws... READ MORE



November 1, 2010
Peraica Arrested For Allegedly Vandalizing Opponent’s Signs


CHICAGO (CBS) – Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica was arrested Saturday night on misdemeanor vandalism charges in west suburban McCook. Just two days before the election, Peraica is posing for a mugshot, and his opponent is accusing him of dirty politicking. Peraica was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property after police said he went on a vandalism spree in two western towns, using a hook device to tear down campaign signs of his opponent, Jeffrey Tobolski, the mayor of McCook. Tobolski is Peraica’s Democratic opponent in the race for Cook County Board, 16th District... READ MORE



October 31, 2010
Tobolski Statement on Tony Peraica’s Arrest


MCCOOK--Tony Peraica was arrested last night for destruction of private property and trespassing. After being pulled over in Stickney for tearing down opponent Jeff Tobolski’s campaign signs a call went out to local police for suspicious behavior of a white chevy mini van. McCook police caught Tony Peraica red handed on an elderly woman’s private property with a broken Jeff Tobolski campaign sign... READ MORE



October 27, 2010 - The Mark News Online
Tobolski shows his candidacy is a viable option to (Dist.16) Cook County Commissioner seat


A standing room only crowd filled the chambers to listen to the platforms of the 6 candidates that attended. The evening’s deepest round of applauds went out to Jeffrey Tobolski, candidate for Cook County Commissioner-16th District. Tobolski, a very energetic candidate, is campaigning on ethical accountability, working to roll back the sales tax increase and strengthening relationships with local businesses in the District... READ MORE



October 21, 2010
Preckwinkle and Other Elected Officials Endorse Tobolski


CHICAGO, IL- Citing Tony Peraica’s complete inattention to municipal needs, partisan sniping, media grandstanding, and numerous anti-business votes, a large group of state and local officials headed by Alderman Toni Preckwinkle endorsed Jeff Tobolski for Cook County Board Commissioner today. “Jeff Tobolski is clearly the best choice to represent the 16th District,” said Preckwinkle. “With the economic hardships we are facing at every level of government, we need someone who will put the people of Cook County ahead politics, and build the coalitions necessary to meet these challenges... READ MORE



October 19, 2010 - Daily Herald
Cook Co. Board swats aside Peraica "reforms" as ‘political ploy’


Peraica’s Democratic opponent in the 16th District, McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski, issued a statement saying: “I find it highly disingenuous that Commissioner Peraica is proposing an ethics ordinance banning elected officials from lobbying the county two weeks before the election all while he blatantly lobbies the county Zoning Board on behalf of his law clients... READ MORE



October 12, 2010
Congressman Quigley, Sierra Club Endorse Jeff Tobolski


La Grange, IL – As the November 2nd election quickly approaches Jeff Tobolski has earned two large endorsements that represent reform and good government. Congressman Mike Quigley endorsed the campaign today.Quigley, who served on the Cook County Board of Commissioners with Tobolski’s opponent, Tony Peraica, said that “Jeff Tobolski has a proven track record of success in creating jobs in McCook where he is Mayor, and will be a tireless watchdog on tax and fee increases on the Cook County Board... READ MORE



October 5, 2010
Tobolski Statement on Arrest of Stroger’s Deputy Chief of Staff


La Grange, IL –“Last night’s arrest of Carla Ogelsby, Todd Stroger’s Deputy Chief of Staff, for her involvement in County contracts proves yet again that we need a genuine change from the current makeup of the Stroger-Peraica County Board. Tony Peraica has been there for eight long years and has stood by while taxpayers have been robbed blind, voting for 23 tax and fee increases... READ MORE



September 17, 2010
Peraica Attends Stroger Flood Party While Victims Are Hung Out to Dry


La Grange, IL –While victims of the recent flooding are desperately scrambling to save their homes Tony Peraica was busy rubbing elbows at a party at Brookfield Zoo hosted by Todd Stroger and the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Even more alarming is that the County used federal flood disaster money to pay for the party. Last night ABC 7 ran an investigative report exposing the gross abuse of funds while flood victims around the 16th District are still frantically searching for funding to help recoup their losses... READ MORE



September 17, 2010
Peraica Attends Stroger Flood Party While Victims Are Hung Out to Dry


While victims of the recent flooding are desperately scrambling to save their homes Tony Peraica was busy rubbing elbows at a party at Brookfield Zoo hosted by Todd Stroger and the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Even more alarming is that the County used federal flood disaster money to pay for the party.


Last night ABC 7 ran an investigative report exposing the gross abuse of funds while flood victims around the 16th District are still frantically searching for funding to help recoup their losses.


Instead of using federal disaster money to help victims of the flood Tony Peraica and Todd Stroger decided to throw a party with the money? I can’t decide if these politicians are really that stupid or if they just don’t care about the people they represent. People in Westchester are still waiting for their flood assistance. This is downright offensive.




This isn’t the first time that Peraica has been criticized over the flooding. At a special County Board meeting Peraica stated that the best solution to the flooding was for the County to purchase rain barrels to put outside suburban homes.



September 8, 2010
Tax Accountability, Political Arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois, Endorses Jeff Tobolski for Cook County Commissioner


Amidst Cook County’s double digit unemployment rate and staggeringly high sales tax, Tax Accountability, the political arm of the National Taxpayers United of Illinois, has endorsed Jeff Tobolski over Tony Peraica in the race for Cook County Commissioner.


“In recognition of his exceptional desire to fight taxes and support economic growth, Tax Accountability endorses Jeff Tobolski for the November 2nd election,” said Jim Tobin, President of Tax Accountability, in a letter sent to the campaign.


“I’m proud to have received Tax Accountability’s endorsement. National Taxpayers United of Illinois is the largest taxpayer protection organization in the state and fights tirelessly to provide working families and businesses tax relief to foster economic growth. My opponent in the race, Tony Peraica has voted with Todd Stroger for over 14 different tax and fee increases. These are the same taxes and fees that are crippling small businesses, and causing them to flee Cook County. I stand by my pledge to oppose any and all tax increases,” said Tobolski.


Read the whole story here



7/27/2010 - Peraica Found In Violation of Campaign Disclosure Act by State Board of Elections Hearing Officer

La Grange, IL – A recent reported issued by State Board of Elections Hearing Officer Mark Greben has found Tony Peraica guilty of violating section 9-25 of the Campaign Disclosure Act. The issue arose in a case involving Mark Thompson, Republican primary challenger to Commissioner Liz Gorman. Peraica had claimed that he was not involved in the primary fight, and explicitly stated that he was not funding Thompson. ... Read More


7/1/2010 - Tobolski Says 16th District Isn't Getting Fair Share of Highway Improvement Dollars

La Grange, IL – As people are gearing up for their fourth of July weekend travel plans road conditions
and the ensuing delays are on many minds. Here in the 16th District people are very aware of the poor
road conditions and constant congestion. For instance, Plainfield Road, maintained by Cook County,
causes constant headaches from Countryside to Brookfield... Read More


6/25/2010 - Tobolski Opposes Brookfield Zoo Tax and Wonders Where Tony Peraica Is?

Brookfield Zoo, McCook Mayor and Cook County Board Candidate Jeff Tobolski is standing up and
saying “enough is enough.” The tax, which will be voted on by Brookfield trustees at Monday's board
meeting, would assess an added fee on ticket sales, membership fees, the rental of equipment for
entertainment purposes, parking, and even food... Read More


6/25/2010 - A Message from Jeff

Please join me on Monday, June 28th at Brookfield's Board Meeting to show your opposition to the proposed Brookfield Zoo Amusement Tax. Brookfield's Village Hall is located at 8820 Brookfield Ave. I will be in attendance with former Brookfield President Bill Russ, and other residents that are unhappy about this. Call my campaign office at 708-469-7784 for more information or read my recent press release. You can also read today's story in the Riverside / Brookfield Landmark about it here.



June 23, 2010

Watch Jeff's interview on "Illinois Issues in Review"





6/8/2010 - Tobolski Blasts Peraica for Lack of Oversight at Forest Preserve “Police Paradise” in Own District

La Grange, IL – Citing today's Sun-Times investigative report on the Forest Preserve's “police paradise”
and the countless excuses enlisted by Tony Peraica, Cook County Commissioner Candidate and
McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski is again calling upon Tony Peraica to stop wasting taxpayer money and
do the job that he was elected to do... Read More


5/26/2010 - The Party is Over Todd Stroger, It's Time for the Tax to Go

Take a look at Jeff's Op-Ed that was published today on SouthWest News-Herald Online:

There has been recent talk that Todd Stroger's sales tax increase may not be fully repealed until 2012. I campaigned in the primary on a pledge of working to completely roll back the sales tax if I were elected in the fall- all of it. I stand by that pledge, and hope to work with a new County Board, and a new County Board President, on making that a reality... Read More




May 26, 2010

Take a look at Jeff's Op-Ed that was published today on SouthWest News-Herald Online:


The Party is Over Todd Stroger, It's Time for the Tax to Go

By Jeff Tobolski, Mayor of McCook


There has been recent talk that Todd Stroger's sales tax increase may not be fully repealed until 2012. I campaigned in the primary on a pledge of working to completely roll back the sales tax if I were elected in the fall- all of it. I stand by that pledge, and hope to work with a new County Board, and a new County Board President, on making that a reality.


Last week the Cook County Board of Commissioners failed to override Todd Stroger's veto hiring freeze. The legislation came amidst news that Stroger had hired seven new workers this year at a cost of $900,000. Five of them were hired after he lost the primary, and six are currently being paid more than $100,000 annually. Stroger also granted ten raises totaling $175,000. The overall cost to taxpayers you ask? More than $1 million.


This is completely unacceptable, and absolutely incomprehensible to the neighbors that I talk to as I go door to door in the 16th District. People feel that their government, at almost every level, has lost complete touch with reality. I agree.


The past few years of the Stroger administration have seen abuse after abuse as cronies get hired, no bid contracts get doled out like beads at a Mardi Gras parade, and the taxpayers get left with the bill. Todd Stroger has justified his sales tax increase by claiming that projected county revenues are way short of the administration's projections, and that the county would not be able to provide vital services without the increase. His actions have flown in the face of reason, and this claim has became completely laughable.


A recent report from the county's Bureau of Finance shows that for the first four months of this year the county collected more than 99.6 percent of the revenue its budget anticipates. This clearly demonstrates that the county is capturing nearly all of it's projected revenues, and the excuse of falling revenues is false. The party is over Mr. Stroger.


As a Mayor, I see every day how this tax is killing our local economy. Businesses are fleeing to other counties, and even other states. It's been a real struggle for local officials to attract businesses, and work to create jobs- especially with such a burdensome tax. It's also put even more pressure on working families that are struggling to stay afloat. I'm tired of the excuses, and I'm tired of politicians who talk about reform but then come up empty handed. It's time for the tax to go.




May 20, 2010

Jeff Tobolski interview on Mornings with Ray Hanania


Follow the link below to hear Jeff's interview today on Mornings with Ray Hanania. Jeff discusses his platform to create jobs and eliminate waste at the County Board. He also fielded calls from several of the mayors in the 16th District, including Mayor of Franklin Park, Barrett Pedersen, Mayor of North Riverside Kenneth Krochmal, President of Cicero Larry Dominick, and Mayor of Willow Springs Alan Nowaczyk. Some of the highlights include:


    • Jeff's track record of job performance in McCook, and the vast local support that his campaign has received from Democrats and Republicans to do the same for the 16th District.


    • Mayor Krochmal explaining how we need a new Cook County Commissioner because of the inability of Tony Peraica to fix the deprecate county roads in Willow Springs.


    • President Dominick discussing how Tony Peraica was nowhere to be found when Cicero flooded, and desperately need the help of the County.






5/18/2010 - Tobolski Asks 'Where Was Tony Peraica on “Country Club” Hospital'?

La Grange, IL – Yesterday's disturbing Sun-Times investigative report labeling Oak Forest Hospital
“Country Club” Hospital has led Cook County Commissioner Candidate and McCook Mayor Jeff
Tobolski to call upon Tony Peraica and the Cook County Board to do their jobs, and stop wasting
taxpayer money... Read More



May 9, 2010

Mayor Tobolski had the pleasure of attending the Cinco de Mayo Fest in Cicero this weekend. The festival is an extension of the Cinco de Mayo holiday and the conclusion of the spring soccer season in Cicero.


Ha Todas las Mamas Feliz Dia de las Madres



Walking through the crowds on Saturday I must have shook the hands of a thousand hard working Latinos residing in Cicero. It is clear to me from speaking with them that jobs and taxes are key issues to these folks. They were upset with the recent Cook County tax hike and the inability of their current commissioner to stop the hike. They also shared the same concern of the students I recently met at Triton College- that there does not appear to be a good job market on the horizon. Interestingly, most of the people that I spoke with said that they have never met Commissioner Peraica, and that to their knowledge he had never visited their community to talk about the importance of job training, placement, and preservation.


While enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine, I spoke with local civic leaders who praised President Larry Dominick for understanding the heritage and traditions. They clearly love this event. It is a celebration of youth soccer and traditions with great food being served down the carnival fairway adjacent to the main stage where bands traveled from as far as Mexico to entertain the large crowds expected over the three day event.


People expect something from their elected officials. It does not have to be sweeping change overnight, just progess to show them that you are working for them, that you respect them. I believe this is the key difference between myself and Tony Peraica. Peraica has delivered very little to the people of the 16th District over the last 8 years. He has been so busy fighting with Todd Stroger, Democrats and fellow Republicans that he has failed to generate and sustain the necessary relationships which would allow him to get something done and become a more effective leader. All the people of Cicero see is Peraica fighting on TV and then getting nothing done, always blaming someone else for his shortsightedness. They also hear their frustrated local elected officials complain about his ineffectiveness. They certainly do not appreciate the constant smear campaign that Peraica launches against their home town of Cicero!


After walking the carnival fairway, I got a chance to speak about the need for the preservation of small business, the need to lower taxes on working families, and the need to create jobs within the 16th District so that our children have a great future. This should be the focus of our County Commissioner. I wish all the mothers a very happy Mother’s Day: “Ha todas las mamas Feliz Dia de las Madres”.


- Jeff Tobolski



May 6, 2010

Read the below article about Electro Motive's 5th year anniversary celebration. Jeff was in attendance with U.S. Congressman Dan Lipinski and Mayor Robert Conrad of Countryside. Both have endorsed the campaign.


Electro Motive celebrates fifth Annivesary



McCook Mayor Jeffrey Tobolski, Representative Dan Lipinski, Representative Jusy Biggert and Countryside Mayor Robert Conrad were among many guests and employees of the McCook Electro-Motive Plant, (EMD) located on 55th Street in McCook.


Just five years ago the McCook location voted to separate from General Motors and operate on its own. Many of the UAW workers at this location were not sure if they would have a job beyond the next year. Five years later management and workers all celebrated the success of their hard work and dedication.


“It's just great to be a part of this celebration” said Mayor Tobolski. “I can remember when I came here as a child in the early seventies. This place was a city, employing over 10,000 people. The summer open house was great.” Both Mayor Tobolski and Mayor Robert Conrad had on tie clips they received form Electromotive years ago. Conrad and his father both worked at Electro-Motive. Mayor Conrad shared a few stories of his days at EMD. “I used to arrive about the time my Dad was leaving. We would wave to each other in the parking lot. A lot of people I knew from the area were employed at EMD.”


Congressman Lipinski pointed out that EMD demonstrated that American manufacturing businesses can survive. By having a good business plan, committed workers and assistance from local, state and federal leaders, success can be obtained. Mayor Tobolski again reiterated that point by stating his commitment to manufacturing. Tobolski was helpful in assisting EMD in selling two large unused parcels of land to Clarius Development Partners. He also helped in many of the rebuilding projects at EMD as operations shifted to a more focused and specified market. “When labor, management and local leaders share the common goal of working together to ensure the success of a business, great things can happen. Jobs are saved, businesses survive, and the local economy flourishes. This is a great moment, and I am very honored to have such a fine company as one of the many excellent business partners of McCook.”


Mayor Tobolski pointed at the recently built Spec Building by Clarius Partners, located 100 feet away on former EMD land, and hoped for the day when it and a second spec building would be full, returning to an earlier time when traffic jams were the only concern that the Village and it's business partners once had.




Please join us June 3rd to officically kick off the general election campaign



5/4/2010 - Tobolski Praises Governor Quinn’s Property Tax Relief Proposal as a Step in the Right Direction

La Grange, IL – Citing skyrocketing property taxes McCook Mayor and Cook County Commissioner Candidate
Jeff Tobolski praised Governor Pat Quinn’s proposed Homeowner’s Property Tax Relief Initiative of 2010
that would make it easier for working families to get the property tax relief that they desperately need... Read More



April 9, 2010


ABC 7's Chuck Goudie reports on waste and fraud at the county. This video is a must watch for Cook County residents.


3/23/2010 - Tobolski Urges County Board and Peraica to Reject Hinsdale Land Lease

La Grange, IL – Citing opposition from Friends of the Parks, the Sierra Club, and the Openlands Project, McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski called on the Cook County Board and Commissioner Tony Peraica to abandon the Hinsdale Land Lease.Last fall the Board, and Commissioner Peraica, voted 9-4 to continue negotiating a lease of about 30 acres to Hinsdale in part to clear some prairie land for soccer fields...Read More



March 16, 2010

Peraica Learns That Those In Glass Houses Should Not Cast Stones


Asked recently about the relationship between Commissioner Tony Peraica and indicted video poker magnate Casey Szarflarski, Mayor Tobolski found it strange and pointed to the old adage that “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”


If you look at that crazy “reform” website of Tony Peraica’s, he is always trying to tie his political opposition to the mob,  the evil empire, the Chicago machine, etc. His conspiracy theories have lost all traction, and Szarflarski is another example why. We see a “smoke and mirrors” attempt to mask the truth from the voters – that in this instance Tony Peraica is actually the man with the Cicero mob ties. As made clear from various news articles, Peraica took campaign contributions from the “King Pin of Video Poker”, acknowledged a friendship with Mr. Szaflarski going back to his childhood Bridgeport days, and represented Mr. Szafarski in a video poker case filed against Elmwood Park. Now we are expected to believe that this is just all a big misunderstanding?


On February 6, 2010 Peraica was quoted in the Chicago Syndicate acknowledging his relationship with Szaflarski.  He should have known that Szaflarski was under investigation, even being detained for charges related to mob activity:


The question concerned citizens need to ask is when does Tony Peraica return the campaign donations received from Szaflarski and the legal fees received from representing Szaflarski?  Mayor Tobolski pointed to the fact that Casey Szaflarski has now been indicted.  The indictment is 34 pages long. Tony Peraica accepted campaign donations from this man and represented him against the town of Elmwood Park over Video Gaming, despite taking such a hard stance against Video Poker as a County Commissioner. “I find Peraica's comment to the Chicago Syndicate that he had 'no idea' that Szafalrski had connections to organized crime completely laughable. I believe rather that Tony Peraica has had no idea what he should be doing as our County Commissioner.  The voters of the 16 District will have their say in November,” said Tobolski.   



3/8/2010 - Republicans Reject Tony Peraica in State Central Committeeman's Race

Chicago, IL -- Last week Republicans overwhelmingly rejected and repudiated Tony Peraica in the race for State Central Committeeman in the 3rd Congressional District. Peraica lost the post to a relatively unknown politician from Cook County, Angel Garcia. The Republican Township Committeemen use a weighted vote to determine who will represent them on the State Central Committee. Aside from Lyons Township, where Peraica is the Committeeman, only two others supported him - Mike Olik of Stickney Township and Judy Barr Topinka of Riverside... Read more



March 8, 2010

The other day I visited Morton College.  I had not been there since the early eighties when I coached basketball at St. Hugh School in Lyons IL. We played every year in the holiday tournament there. Such a difference between when I went to school at Knox College in the early eighties and what I now see. The old “chair desks” have been replaced by small cubicles where a laptop is placed and used in an interactive basis as instruction is given. Each room is painted with a themed mural either related to the subject being taught or something that is important to the College. The hallways are lined with murals that are reflective of the community or display cases that highlight the work that the students of Morton College are doing.


I was happy to see exhibits showcasing Electromotive Division and Reynolds Metals, both large industrial giants that were once located in McCook and used to employ thousands of people. In its heyday Electromotive was a small city employing over 17,000 workers on three shifts. These two businesses stand as monuments to the principals of business and labor which continue in McCook today- the need to create a positive business environment and business growth which translate into jobs. Something Commissioner Tony Periaca has failed to do.


The main focus of the visit was to see the nursing wing of Morton College and talk about healthcare.  I had the pleasure of seeing a simulation of a hospital emergency room, complete with patients, that has been created at Morton. Students work on live animation dummies – learning to perform tracheotomies and insert IV tubes. They work with animated infants to understand how to cope with the many challenges a newborn faces



College Officials pointed out that the Morton College is at capacity and needs to expand.  I think that  it's a good thing that so many of  our youth are striving for higher education. Several students shared their concerns with me, wondering where jobs would be available once they graduated.


I believe that we need to look further at the Cook County healthcare system, and begin to create more entry level jobs which are often more cost effective. The creation of jobs will be my number one priority once elected Commissioner.  Providing opportunities for the youth of today is very important to me.


After speaking with the Morton College Students, I question the recent decision of the Cook County Board to authorize the expenditure of 100 million dollars to revamp the old County Hospital, when its very decay was cited as the reason to build Stroger Hospital. Tony Peraica spoke of landmark status as the justification for this expenditure. Did he not think about the nursing students of Morton College? Perhaps he could have secured similar monies for the taxpayers of the 16th District to expand upon or build new clinics, to provide infrastructure and jobs. Couldn’t that $100 million dollars of Cook County taxpayer money be used better elsewhere? Maybe to provide further capacity for the children who are willing to seek higher education, or jobs that they can realize once the graduate? These are issues that need to be discussed thoroughly with our friends and neighbors.



Energy Awareness & Assistance Fair - Hosted By Jeff Tobolski - Friday, January 29th, 2010 • 10 AM – 2 PM

Click here to view invitation


Cocktail Reception for Jeff Tobolski - Tues January 26, 2010 - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Buck’s Pit Sto, 6501 Kane Avenue Hodgkins, IL 60525

Click here to view invitation


1/7/2010 - Chicago Federation of Labor Endorses Jeff Tobolski

La Grange, IL-- The campaign is proud to announce another major endorsement today, this time from the Chicago area’s largest labor organization. “The Chicago Federation of Labor is happy to endorse Jeff Tobolski for Cook County Commissioner in the 16th District in the upcoming election. We feel that he is the best candidate to create jobs in the community, look out for the interests of working families, and restore accountability to the County Board,” said Dennis Gannon, President of the Chicago Federation of Labor... Read more


1/4/2010 - U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski Endorses Jeff Tobolski

LaGrange, IL-- Today Congressman Daniel Lipinski endorsed McCook Mayor Jeffrey Tobolski for
Cook County Commissioner in the 16th District. “Having worked together on local issues with Jeff
Tobolski in his capacity as Mayor of McCook, I know that he is the best candidate to make the County
Board accountable and work in a bipartisan fashion to get things done for our communities, including
improving the economy in Cook County... Read more


12/16/2009 - Tobolski Says Jobs Should Be Front and Center

LaGrange, IL-- Citing a lack of leadership by Commissioner Peraica McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski rolled out his vision for creating more jobs in the 16th District today.“Unemployment is in the double digits, and families are struggling to pay their mortgages,” said Tobolski. “Rolling back the county sales tax was a step in the right direction, but it isn't a magic pill to bring jobs back here... Read more


11/18/2009 - Tobolski calls on Commissioner Peraica to apologize to taxpayers

LaGrange, IL-- Citing a repeated history of blurring the lines between his duties as a Cook County
Commissioner and a personal, political agenda, today Mayor Jeff Tobolski called upon Tony Periaca to
apologize to the taxpayers of the 16th District for tweeting a campaign related text during the crucial
vote over rolling back the sales tax increase... Read more


11/12/2009 - Tobolski calls for County Board to roll back sales tax increase

LaGrange, IL-- Citing double-digit unemployment and a County Board that has been hamstrung by arcane
bureaucratic procedure, McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski applauded Governor Quinn’s decision to sign
HB4625, the Veto Override bill into law, and urged the Cook County Board to repeal the sales tax increase... Read more


10/26/2009 - Mayor Jeff Tobolski announces for 16th District Cook County Commissioner

McCook, IL-- McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski announced his candidacy for Cook County Commissioner in
the 16th district. Pledging new leadership, an end to the partisan bickering in Cook County, and a commitment
to role back the county’s 1% sales tax increase, Tobolski filed for the Democratic primary which will take
place on February 2nd with ten times the required number of signatures. The seat is currently held by
Republican Commissioner Tony Peraica... Read More

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